Twórczość uczniów

data: 26/02/2011 || autor: wolf


Utwory nagrodzone w tegorocznym konkursie walentynkowym

The years are going by so fast
and our love will always last
I will always keep you in my heart
like I keep my credit card.
I thought I can be alone,
but not after what you’ve done
You have done for me so much
and I love your wonderful touch
Even if you are away,
I think about you every day
I would leave tears of mine
If I let you die.


In my heart there is a space
To keep the precious things so safe.
No one else can take your place
I’ll worship you until the grave.
Tell me then,
Do you think the Sun will ever shine again?
Tell me aloud,
Do you think the love will save our hearts?
To keep the precious things so safe.

Maja Mroczkowska

Painful love
The love is a pain in my head.
The love is a pain in my heart.
When I’m lying in a bed,
I’m thinking about a part of my soul.
When I am looking at the mirror,
I see your face so unreal.
You are like a bad dream.
I see you like you were on a black screen, in my telly.
When there is a storm outside,
My hurt soul wants to fight,
and then, when I scream in the rain,
I don’t feel any pain.
One day you were my drug
And that’s why I can’t stop,
thinking of you all the time.
You broke my heart,
You broke my life.
I’m begging you, go away
Aneta Włodarz, Emilia Jendryczko, Monika Jendryczko

You changed my world with a blink of eye.
This is something I can’t deny.
I want you so bad,
It’s driving me mad.
My love is bigger than an elephant,
Cause I’m inspired by Immanuel Kant
You’re like a shining moon in June’s night.
I open my heart and I give you my love’s light.
I’m not going to be single
but hopefully with your family circle.

Anonymous writer

You’re everything I’ll ever need
to make my life complete.
Now we’re standing in the rain,
nothing’s ever going to change.
You are already so wet
that you look as if you sweat
But I don’t really care.
It’s just not fair.
Cause every second you are away from me,
I’m considering: be or not to be?
This is a question

Justyna and Ania.

I have been shot by a Cupid’s bow
I hope you feel the same that me
Cause without you I just can’t be.
Never before have I felt so weird.
My heart beats faster when you’re near.

Anonymous writer

You’re the first thing I think of
When I open my eyes.
That smile, that I’m fond of,
But the feelings aren’t nice.
I’m just not able to watch,
More than a glimpse of your face
What I need the most is someone to patch
My heart that beats in its own pace.
You are not here
And I am so alone,
Without you, the one I hold dear.
The whispers in my soul are long gone.
Give me a little sign,
Than I will be fine
Karolina i Ania

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